About Us

Mom+Tree brings the most comfortable and quality baby lounge wears from South Korea.  We care babies skin. All of our products are fully made in Korea, without any bleach, dye, chemicals, or fluorescent. Our organic products are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified and they come from Natura Organic Korea (www.naturaorganic.co.kr), where they only use the most sustainable organic materials and methods to manufacture the finest baby products.

All of our products are imported from Korea, and our signature - ultra-soft gauze type washcloths have been used for babies in Korea for a long time and they are must have items for newborns. Each of our products is soft, natural, and comfortable, with highest quality, especially made for newborn babies. The infant skin require special care and attention. It is much more sensitive because it is much thinner, made up mostly with water, and its barrier function is still developing. That is why newborn need natural, much softer, breathable, and more absorbing fabrics. 

Being a mom of 2 babies, I am always trying to find better (and natural) products for my own babies. When I was pregnant, I brought lots of baby products from South Korea, like many other Korean moms living in North America. These products were very difficult to find in Canada.

Now I want to share these must-have products for every moms in Canada.

For Korean moms living in Canada familiar with Korean baby products – our company can help preparing essential baby products with easier access at lowest prices within Canada. For other moms in Canada – our super-soft products will be a new trend for babies, you must see why these were (and still are) must-haves for most Korean babies for a long time.

We are always open to your suggestions! Please feel free to recommend any items from Korea - we will try our best to accommodate them. Please also review and rate our products, services, online page, or anything that can help us grow! We will listen and value all of your recommendations.



Laura Kim